for your trip to Svalbard

Although Svalbard is located in the high North, it has a relatively soft climate without extremely low temperatures. 

In wintertime, the average temperature is -11°C, -13°C. Though there are periods during the winter season with average temperatures -15°C, -20°C. It is unusual when the temperature is -25°C, -30°C. 

As for the summer season, in July it is approximately +4.4°C, in August it is +2.8°C. Besides, within the last few years, temperature readings are higher. The temperature during the day is + 5°C, + 10°C, at night it is from +5°C to -2°C. Precipitation is possible, often there is wind. It is unusual if it is snowing in July-August. Sub-zero temperature happens rarely during these two months, and even if it happens, then at night. In the afternoon, with no wind, the temperature +5°C, + 10°C feels very comfortable.

But, of course, it is worthwhile to understand that clothing should be appropriate. 


17 May — 30 Sep

+3 - +7°C




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In summer, the average temperature is rarely higher than +11°C and it is not unusual when it's windy or rainy. While packing to Svalbard in summer, pay attention to the wind- and waterproof equipment. 

  • woolen thermal underwear for medium activity 

  • thermal socks (2 pairs) 

  • woolen socks (2 pairs) 

  • fleece jumper or woolen sweater 

  • comfy pants for outdoor activities 

  • trekking waterproof boots

  • wind- and waterproof jacket 

  • hat, headband and/or cap

  • knitted or fleece buff or scarf

  • sunglasses 

The following items could also be useful: 

  • binoculars for bird and animal watching 

  • dry bag for luggage transportation 

  • dry bag for devices, phones and/or cameras for that you could take photos during sea passages


1 Feb — 1 May

–30 - –11°C

a lot of


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In wintertime, average temperatures are not critical but at times it is windy and a snowstorm is possible so it is very important to be well equipped.

The following minimum winter what-to-pack list is recommended: 

  • woolen thermal underwear for low activity (hunting, fishing) 

  • thermal socks (2 pairs)

  • woolen socks (2 pairs)

  • warm woolen sweater, fleece jumper or down jacket

  • warm windproof ski pants

  • warm winter windproof jacket or parka

  • warm waterproof winter boots with the hard foot 

  • woolen hat

  • neck warmer (buff) or scarf 

  • woolen gloves or mittens 

  • warm windproof ski mittens

The following items could be also useful:

  • fleece balaclava

  • ski goggles

  • sunglasses

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