Take a few steps and dive into the pure nature landscapes of the Barentsburg surroundings. To get in touch with an amazing ecosystem is easier and closer than you think. No matter which route you choose, just don’t forget to bring your camera!

Please be advised that it is possible to go out of Barentsburg only if complying with the general safety rules. Do not leave the settlement area without a suitable gun, signal gun, and experience using it. We recommend tour arrangements so you can have a sightseeing or hiking trip with a guide who will not only provide proper safety but also will tell a great number of stories the Arctic surroundings are full of.  


to satellite station on Olaf Mountain

Hiking tour up to satellite station installed on Olaf Mountain spotting for Aurora Borealis and just for cool pictures :) 

 At the bottom of the mountain at height of 250 m above the sea level, there is a great viewing point where you will see a picturesque view on Barentsburg, Grønfjord and its west coast. You can also take a thermos and drinking a hot tea, admiring views of the Greenland sea and mountains, you can get acquainted with the history of the archipelago and the Arctic in general.

We can make it romantic with lanterns we hold in the hands lighting the way. The view downwards is spectacular - while the sun is hidden under the horizon, Barentsburg becomes a magical place lit only by streetlamps, the Northern Lights and the moon which glitters in the snow.

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

190 NOK


to Cape Heer

The tour runs alongside the coastline. Its width depends on the rise and fall of the tide and the Moon’s phase. The coastline goes gradually up to Cape Heer and in 2.5 hrs we can find ourselves upon the 12-14 m height. There is a nice view from here to the picturesque Isfjord famous for plenty of wildlife at this time of the year. While we are walking up we pass tiny Cape Festningen with a lighthouse showing the entrance to  Grønfjord, a canon from the Norwegian warship and still active Russian helicopter station.  And besides, we will enjoy the wild and grandiose nature around with a great chance to watch seals, walruses, reindeer, and Arctic foxes which are used to rest and feed along the coast of Grønfjord and Isfjord. Sandwiches and a warm drink on the way.

In wintertime, we offer this as a snowshoe tour.

Duration: 3-4 hours

350 NOK



to Cape Finneset

In translation from Norwegian Finneset means «a good place», such a place cannot be empty in the Arctic. There was a whaling factory here, the first radio station of the archipelago and the administration office of the Governor of Svalbard. Nowadays, there is some part of constructions left from the passed times including traces of the whaling station.

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

190 NOK