In Barentsburg we have either a separate souvenir shop where the choice of souvenirs is a bit bigger than in the post. There are souvenirs from the Handicraft Center or the ones made by traditional craft masters in the north of Russia.


We are specifically proud of one of the most popular souvenirs and unique hoodies made in our Handicraft Center with a polar bear on it! Within each new season, we upgrade the color-range, play around with color combos, and improve the models. The hoodies have become popular as in Barenstburg and Longyearbyen as well as worldwide.

If you happen to be in Barenstburg, that is a must-have as a souvenir. 

Barentsburg is Little Russia on Svalbard and traditional Russian and specifically pomor art is very different and it has its own character and traditions. It is all about coziness, hospitality, and happiness talismans. For fans of the Russian culture, we made a wide range of Russian and pomor souvenirs. From Matryoshka dolls to samovars. 


There are watercolors paintings of our friend and incredible artist Anna Mikhailova. When she visited Svalbard, she got very inspired by the atmosphere and fairytale landscapes of the place so she created the art, the art of Svalbard. Nowadays, it is possible to see these paintings in our Gallery and have a unique chance to buy Anna's original artworks in our souvenir shop.


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