Is that possible that such things as the Arctic and warmth, adventure and service, wilderness and comfort, Russia and Norway are combined in just one place? We are ready to prove that this place is Barentsburg, where you can get with a snowmobile trip.

Although sub-zero temperatures come to the archipelago in mid-September, the solid snowpack is formed only in January. Earlier the temperature jumps over 0° and the snow either melts or is blown away by the strong winds. The stabilized snowmobile transportation comes only in early February.
For our tours we provide snowmobiles by BRP: Expedition 900 ACE, Expedition E-TEC 600, Lynx Commander E-TEC 600.​

All used special equipment meets the standards of safety, ecology, hygienic and aesthetic requirements, maximum convenience in use. All snowmobiles are 2-seated and in good condition, 2014-2020 years of release.













We offer our packaged tours to Barentsburg but you can also combine your own tour according to your interest and include only those services, that you would like to have.

Check out our calculator and choose the options you like.

Every Friday from January to May you can fly to Longyearbyen and start your snowmobile adventure for 2 or 3 days without wasting half of a day.


Spend your weekend in Barentsburg — the town on Svalbard where there are no bounds between nationalities, the past and the present, tradition and innovation. Complete itinerary in the Barentsburg surroundings combined with an opportunity to enjoy the local activities of the town. Worry-free adventure. No need to construct a perfect trip, as we have done it for you.

Boundless Arctic 3 days


from 6 900 NOK

Every Friday

from 15/01 to 16/05

Push the boundaries and dive into the full weekend of Arctic discovery! You will visit Barentsburg — a town on Svalbard where there are no bounds between nationalities, the past and the present, tradition and innovation. You’ll widen the world of the island with a day snowmobile trip following the way of pioneers and real explorers of Svalbard - to trappers’ settling place of the XVII century and weather and radio station with a view on the open Greenland sea.

Boundless Arctic Express 2 days

from 4 290 NOK

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 14/01 to 16/05

You can extend your experience of Svalbard with a short trip to a place without bounds — Barentsburg, settlement with the only operating coal mine in the world where the tours are allowed and one of the most unique Husky Centers worldwide with almost all the Northern sled dog breeds. It’s the warmest place in the Arctic where you melt with the hospitality and live through traditions of the locals.

4 to 7 day tours to Svalbard

The most full-fledged snowmobile tours to Svalbard for those who want to live through a real Arctic Adventure and have time to fully enjoy it. In our tours will be able to visit the most interesting places of the archipelago not accessible during the shorter trips in addition to the settlements of Barentsburg, Longyearbyen and Pyramiden. 

Svalbard Multi-day Tours

What-to-pack list
for snowmobile trips

In wintertime, average temperatures are not critical but at times it is windy and a snowstorm is possible so it is very important to be well equipped.

The following minimum winter what-to-pack list is recommended: 

  • woolen thermal underwear for low activity (hunting, fishing) 

  • thermal socks (2 pairs)

  • woolen socks (2 pairs)

  • warm woolen sweater, fleece jumper or down jacket

  • warm windproof ski pants

  • warm winter windproof jacket or parka

  • warm waterproof winter boots with the hard foot 

  • woolen hat

  • neck warmer (buff) or scarf

  • woolen gloves or mittens

  • warm windproof ski mittens 

The following items could be also useful:

  • fleece balaclava

  • ski goggles

  • sunglasses

  • greasy skin cream (NIVEA, petroleum jelly, Carmex)

  • headlamp

  • heat packs

  • 0,5 — 1 litre Thermos

  • Your bags will be transported on the special snowmobile sleds, so for the maximum comfort and safety of your luggage, we recommend packing your things into soft-carcass bags. 


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