Interiors of our post office are something that we are proud of. Don’t forget to come over and have a look on the little museum dedicated to the Norwegian post office of the XIX-XX century turn. In order to learn more and to collect the information, we went to Lillehammer museum of the Norwegian post, did research on its history and looked through and photographed decorative elements and furniture. We also reconstructed a part of the former museum Pomor building that had been almost completely destroyed. Then we protracted, drew, passed the task to our woodworker to make cabinets, vitrines and a counter. Together with designers we selected materials, colours and lightning collecting it all in one entire project. On weekends we came to work with families to paint and to clean up the indoor space. We’ve still been in a constant search of the Norwegian post authentic artefacts of that period - post bags, boxes, weigh-scales, etc. In winter the mail that comes to us from the mainland across Longyearbyen is transferred in a snowmobile sled made in the local carpenter’s section and themed on the Norwegian postchaise. In summer the mail is delivered on motorboats.


9178 Barentsburg, Svalbard, Norway

This is an official postal address of the Norwegian post office in Barentsburg wherefrom you can send a postcard with a post stamp anywhere in the world. 

There are more than 9000 postcards sent from our post office annually. 

The collection is very rich with historical photos, watercolor pictures, and wild nature images. And it is constantly updated.

There are also topic-specific books about Svalbard and history of the Arctic and Antarctic exploration, guide books in English, German and Norwegian, photo albums, and topographic maps of Svalbard.