In the Arctic, you want to be closer to nature, get acquainted with it, feel the sea and air around but not to disturb it at the same time. Sea kayaking is perfect for it! You can touch the sea and get a sense of its «heart beating» catching each wave and merging with the Arctic flora and fauna. 

We use double kayaks made in Sweden, Point 65, that provide sufficient stability and they are easy to control. There are paddles Werner and Point 65 for different height of a kayaker. 

For safety and comfort in the water, we use special dry suits for the sea kayaking of the Canadian brand Level Six and other necessary equipment. And our experienced guides will get you ready with technical and safety rules.


in Grønfjorden

To try yourself as a kayaker is easy! In our short kayaking trip in our «homey» Grønfjorden, you can get primary skills of how to control the kayak, to feel the sea, and understand what sea kayaking is. 

Depending on the weather conditions and your training level, there are several options for the itinerary: 

Kayaking along the east coast to cape Finneset. Cape Finneset is like a crossroad of history: at different periods, there were a whale station, the first radio station of Svalbard and house of the first governor of the archipelago. In 1912 Fridtjof Nansen visited the radio station on the cape Finneset! Dream place of history lovers! 

And there is a trip across Grønfjorden from the east to the west! That is a memory that you will definitely want to take back home. Accompanied by unforgettable mountain landscapes, Arctic fresh air, and a touch of the sea, you will see the local ecosystem from an entirely new angle. 

Duration: 3-4 hours

Destination: from 4 to 8 km

690 NOK/pax


Only one day and you immerse into the Arctic nature and get into a true Svalbard adventure! During our daily kayaking trip, you will go along the west coast of Grønfjorden and maybe even see seals, walruses or polar bears if you are lucky, have a stop-over in a cozy cabin with a fireplace where you will warm yourself up, and our experienced guides will serve some snacks and tell you fascinating stories of the archipelago. In the picturesque and calm bay nearby the cabin, upon your wish, you can go through the additional training and get some more useful skills before heading back to Barentsburg. 


Duration: approx. 6 hours

Destination: 20 km

990 NOK/pax



kayaking across Svalbard

Have you ever dreamt of a real Arctic expedition? 

Do you want to follow the traces of polar explorers? 

Let your dreams come true with an 11-day kayaking adventure on Svalbard! 

There is no need to hurry, on the kayak you can immerse into Svalbard ecosystem peacefully and calmly to have enough time on admiring surrounding breathtaking landscapes, endless fjords, picturesque bays, a massive glacier and maybe even see belugas, seals, walruses or even the king of the Arctic, a polar bear if you are lucky. 


You will meet places full of history going back to hundreds of years ago and get acquainted with Svalbard life from the inside. 


Our guests’ safety is of the highest priority for us, everything is thought through in detail. Experienced guides will get you ready with technical and safety rules and will accompany you during the whole expedition. 

Duration: 11 days 


For our guests' safety, we provide our guests with all the necessary equipment for the kayaking trips: 

  • Dry suits for the sea kayaking of the Canadian brand Level Six which are completely waterproof, with latex neck and cuffs, membrane socks that block the cold water. 

  • Neopren gloves and muffs

  • Neopren shoes with a wide range of sizes (from 35 to 48) 

  • Life vest

  • In multi-day tours we provide drybags for safe transportation of the luggage

What-to-pack list
for kayaking trips

  • thermal underwear for medium activity

  • woolen socks (knitted «Granny's» woolen socks)

  • fleece jumper or sweater

  • knitted (or fleece) hat, cap or headband

  • sunglasses

  • waterproof binoculars to admire whales, seals, reindeers, birds or even polar bears

  • camera to take nice pics that everybody would be jealous of. Video and photo devices must be packed in special drybags or waterproof cases 

  • small thermos (0,5-0,8 liters) - to warm yourself up with some during the trip

  • small drybags for your stuff