Barentsburg is from 60 km from Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard. The car usage on the island is limited only by roads in the settlements that is why transportation between Longyearbyen and Barentsburg is made by ships and boats or snowmobiles. 

Please be advised that sightseeing by helicopters is not allowed according to the Svalbard Government regulations. 



Although sub-zero temperatures come to the archipelago in mid-September, the solid snowpack is formed only in January. Earlier the temperature jumps over 0° and the snow either melts or is blown away by the strong winds. The stabilized snowmobile transportation comes only in early February.

You can get to Barentsburg either by snowmobile or book one of our tour programs where transportation to Barentsburg is included in the price. 



Navigation starts on March 1st and finishes on November 30th.

During this period, you can get to Barentsburg by boats of several companies located in Longyearbyen which are exactly by Henningsen Transport&Guiding or Polar Charter*.


There are either one-day boat trips Longyearbyen – Barentsburg – Longyearbyen with 1,5-2-hour stay in Barentsburg which includes a sightseeing guided tour around the settlement or you can come to Barentsburg, stay for overnight in our hotel Barentsburg or hostel Pomor and then next days you can leave back to Longyearbyen.

*boat tours are organized depending on their occupancy rate; a minimal amount of passengers starts with 8 persons


Arctic Travel company Grumant possesses 3 open boats Polarcirkel and 1 cabin cruiser. 

​PolarCirkel is an 8-meter-long boat of high endurance and created by Norwegian shipbuilders specifically for marine passages in the Arctic. The boats are equipped with a large power engine Yamaha (200 HP), echo sounders, emergency beacons, and marine radio communication. Therefore, we provide special Arctic rescue suits by Norwegian brand Hansen. It will keep you warm, protect from the wind, and give a boost of confidence during the boat trips.

There are individual transportation services that we offer by open boats Polarcirkel or a cabin cruiser for groups. 

Please kindly contact our office for booking and prices. 

And also you can book one of our multi-day complex tours where transportation to Barentsburg is already included. 



It is a polar night period on Svalbard during months November - January. That is why there are no guaranteed opportunities to reach Barentsburg at this time. Basically, in November, there are available daily cruise boat trips but they are not on everyday basis. 

The solid snowpack for snowmobile transportation is generally formed in late January but it still varies within each year.