This is a unique Russian Traditional Folklore Show with songs and dances at the very edge of the world performed in the Culture House of Barentsburg. Who are the artists? - you ask. They are not professional dancers nor singers, they are people who live in Barentsburg. There are chefs from our restaurants playing the drums or miners coming to the rehearsal after their shift and playing the violin. 
 For booking the show, please contact us in advance. 


To book a folklore show

Russian folk songs, traditional songs of pomors (Russian trappers from the North settling on Svalbard in the XVIII century), national dances, bright and beautiful costumes, and good music technic facilities. The group of the Folklore show often changes as some leave the Island, and the others just arrive here for the very first time. However, we always strive to maintain our performance at the highest possible level and as result, have a great number of delight feedbacks from our guests. 
We hope you'll enjoy it, as well! 
Duration: 40 min

10000 nok/show


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